The Real Deal- Body Image and Social Media | D•Scribe

Body image and social media is currently the most common issue amongst young females and males. With the increase of Instagram fitness models sharing their workout programs and nutrition advice, it has become even more difficult for, specifically young females, to be easily pressured into the latest social media trends, and society’s “body standards” Cristin* shared her story with D*Scribe, about her dieting journey as she fell into following the popular ‘Bikini Body’ Kayla Itsines program las

Opinion: Why Pauline Hanson Needs To Be Suspended From Parliament | D•Scribe

The debate of the decade has had Australia divided the last few years. Pauline Hanson has had a larger than life presence in the media in the last 10 years. Going from an expelled politician for electoral fraud and spending 11 weeks in jail, to her nude photo scandal (that turned out to be a mistaken identity), to finally becoming the one Australian politician that has remix videos made of her ridiculous speeches on Youtube; she has definitely had one hell of a career. Senator Hanson has said

‘It Is Conduct Unbecoming A Senator’ – Deakin Student Survey Shows | D•Scribe

A recent survey completed by 80 students from Deakin University across all three campuses and faculties, has shown that 62% of students agree that Senator Pauline Hanson’s burqa stunt in Parliament amounted to strong misconduct, and she should step down from Parliament. Senator Hanson walked into the Senate wearing a full covering burqa to “expose security risks”, and faced a severe backlash from both members of Parliament and members of the public. Many have claimed the stunt was disrespectfu

Top Tips to Survive Life After University

Do not panic, I repeat DO NOT PANIC! If you are in your final semester, then you are probably counting down each week with a love hate relationship. If you would like an update there are 6 weeks left, starting from this Monday…but who’s counting?! Yes I know, it’s really daunting, you don’t know what to prepare for really, and the team here at D*Scribe are going through the exact same thing! What career do I want? How do I get it? Where do I find it? What if I don’t get a job?

Behind The Scenes Of A Fitness Blogger | D•Scribe

The platform that started off as the place where it was socially acceptable to post up photos of what you’re eating, now, it is the place where you can be come ‘insta-famous’ by uploading very filtered and edited photos of yourself doing a cool yoga pose on a beach. It’s used by millions of people across the globe, who want to share their travel adventures, their fitness journey or even just promoting their photography skills. However, the most searched up ‘tag’ on Instagram right now is “#fi

Dinesh’s Weight Loss Journey!

So things like exercise or gym becomes alien and we’re just like what? Gym? Who? However, I think it’s safe to say that stress brings out the worst in us. We turn to more caffeine, more chocolate, more comfort food, and we become to fatigued to walk from one class to the other. Sometimes stress can put us in a bad place, and we just need that motivation to get us back on the ‘healthy lifestyle’ track. I know changing habits is difficult and the older we become the more comfortable we are with

Inside The World Of An Anxiety Sufferer

I sat down with a student who has been suffering from Anxiety for as long as she could remember. Katie Bills* tells her story so others are able to see what she goes through on a daily basis. Having an Anxiety Disorder can have effects on daily tasks and sometimes can have you feel like you’ve hit a wall, as Katie* explains. If you, or someone you know, suffers from Anxiety Disorder, please contact Beyond Blue for more support. Disclaimer: The script in the video was adjusted for film purpose

Things You Should Know Before You Fly Solo!

For some of us, the thought travelling alone for the first time can be  daunting. We grew up used to our parents holding our hands. For all we knew flights were easy to plan and book as well as free, because we’d only find out where we were going the week before. And luggage was never an issue because someone else had already packed for us. Life was easy for us… but then we grew older, we wanted to ‘chase waterfalls’ , and experience the world on our own, who wouldn’t?!